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nigel gibbon & co was founded by NIgel Gibbon on 1st February 1999 and has been helping clients in difficulties with what was, at the time, HMC&E and is now HMRC ever since. Prior to that Nigel qualified as a solicitor in 1984 and spent 3 years defending thieves, muderers and rapists before joining the Solicitor's Office of HMC&E in London, conducting VAT appeals for HMC&E from 1988 onwards. In 1990 he set up the VAT and Duties appeals division in HMC&E's new Manchester office, which he ran until 1996 when he briefly joined a national top-10 lawfirm as head of indirect tax. But the work was mainly advisory and the lure of tax litigation proved too much. So, in 1999 nigel gibbon & co was born. 


Except in very special circumstances, costs are not recoverable from HMRC following a successful appeal (either at the Review stage or after an appeal to the FTT).


This means that there will always be an actual cost to appeals against decisions of HMRC.


At nigel gibbon & co we always aim to give a cost-effective service so as to minimise the adverse financial effects of an appeal and we ensure that our fees are always very competitive.


We usually charge by the hour for work actually performed, but we will agree fixed fees in appropriate cases. We always account to you for the work we perform (in units of 6 minutes).


Export licences are required for the export from the UK of certain goods. These are usually products which are intended for military purposes or which could be used for such purposes (dual-use products) but could be any goods intended for a country subject to sanctions. Dual-use goods include much computer equipment because encryption is often viewed as being capable of military use.

Failure to obtain an appropriate export licence from the UK's Export Control Organisation (part of the Department for International Trade) is a criminal offence.

We do not advise on the requirement to obtain export licenses for specific goods but we have drafted several reports to the ECO disclosing unintended breaches of the controls with a view to avoiding criminal charges. We have done so in conjunction with Alex McLoughlin of TARA (Trade and Regulatory Advisors) who is a recognised expert in export controls. His website is at: .


We are in Greater Manchester just off the M60/M67 junction.

Our full address is:

1st Floor, Office 5,

163 Holland Street



M34 3GE

Tel: 0161 237 9103

nigel gibbon & co is a firm of tax consultants and not a firm of solicitors.

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